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We Help You Know Your Numbers, Automate Your Profit, and Maximize Your Profit

We will make sure your real estate business is recession-proof, so you can sleep well at night knowing another real estate market crash won’t hurt you. We’ll help give you the confidence in your numbers and the reports you need to make faster, better business decisions. We will also help you put a system in place to automate your profit and will also help you maximize your profit. How can we serve you?

David Richter, Founder

David Richter, founder and owner of R&L Bookkeeping, is on a mission to help stressed entrepreneurs who are frustrated with not knowing their numbers and not making profit by cleaning up their books, interpreting their numbers for them, and implementing a system to increase and prioritize their profits to be able to be less stressed, confident in their numbers, and make the profit they need to accomplish their vision. He has been in the real estate investing world specifically for the last six years. He has served on the leadership team of real estate investing companies doing over 300 deals a year between wholesaling, fix and flipping, lease optioning, and turnkeying properties. David has no debt in his business or in his personal life and practices all the principles and actions he teaches. In order to continue to constantly grow and help others, he reads over 50 books a year, is a ToastMasters member, Profit First Professional, and a lifelong student of Kung Fu. He is on a mission to help you and change your life and business for the better.
“People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care” – Theodore Roosevelt
How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

John Cruz, COO

John Cruz, COO of R&L Bookkeeping, has one goal in life, to make every experience throughout our entire process to be above and beyond expectations. He is committed to excellence and to making sure that every entrepreneur we work with grows and succeeds. He has been in the real estate industry for over 3 years and has worn many different hats from acquisitions manager, property manager, and bookkeeper just to name a few. He has been a good friend of David for many years now.
“David provided me with some great business insight that has helped our business move forward. He is a fantastic person and I highly recommend him and the service he provides.” – Paul Williams, Multifamily Geeks
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