Bookkeeping for
Real Estate Investors

We help real estate investors know their numbers by providing updated and accurate bookkeeping that provides peace of mind and clarity on how you can project growth.

Do you know your real estate business finances?

Are your books clean and up to date?
Do you know your real estate company’s story through your numbers?
Would your real estate business survive a market crash?
Are you getting the reports you need?
Are you working with a PROFITABLE real estate bookkeeper and CPA?
Do you have a system to automate your profitability?
“They have the skills and the tools to drive your business forward to ensure profitability!” – Mike Michalowicz, Author of “Profit First”

What makes R&L Bookkeeping different?

Our Commitment to You
We at R&L Bookkeeping:

  1. Commit to doing what we say, when we say it.
  2. Commit to relieving stress by helping your know your real estate numbers are accurate.
  3. Commit to helping take small dollar per hour tasks off your plate to accomplish your “Why.”
  4. Commit to help you focus on your profitability.
  5. Commit to you personally that if you have a complaint or issue with us, we encourage you to let us know right away,  and we will handle it quickly and professionally. (Submit Issues at this link).
  6. Commit to delivering a true experience that exceeds your expectations. (Submit how we exceeded your expectations at this link)

David Richter, Owner, R&L Bookkeeping

Simple CFO Solutions Certified Profit First Professional

What Real Estate Bookkeeping Services Are Offered?

“It’s not an exaggeration to say, “David Richter changed the trajectory of my life!” – Rich Lennon, RVA Property Solutions

What’s My Investment?

How much is not knowing your real estate numbers costing you? How much money each month is slipping through the cracks because you don’t know your numbers? Are you prepared for another real estate market crash? How much opportunity is being lost because you are not focusing on your profit? And the ULTIMATE QUESTION is, how are you going to be able to accomplish your Why if you are stressed about your real estate business finances and profitability? A lack of systems for knowing your numbers is already costing you a great deal.
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Real Estate Bookkeeping Certified Profit First Professional

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